Experiencing Allergy Symptoms Inside Your Home?

Consider an air purification system

You might think the air in your home is perfectly clean. However, just because you can't see contaminants doesn't mean you aren't breathing them in. If you constantly have dry, itchy eyes or a runny nose, your indoor air could be full of allergens and irritants.

Based in Palmetto, FL, Proactive Elements installs air purification systems from Aerus to help you clean up the air inside your house. Aerus air purifiers use state-of-the-art technology to reduce over 99% of contaminants like mold, pollen, bacteria, dust and dander. The result is improved indoor air quality, cleaner surfaces and fewer illnesses for you and your family.

Learn more about the indoor air quality products we install throughout the country when you call us today.

Enjoy filtered water straight from the tap

Enjoy filtered water straight from the tap

Your indoor air might be clean, but you could still be getting sick from drinking contaminated water. Fortunately, Proactive Elements installs more than just air purification systems. We can update your house with a whole-home water filtration system that will reduce chemicals and minerals from your water. Removing contaminants can make your water taste better, help your appliances last longer and give you softer skin and hair. You can also ask us about our Laundry Pro system to keep your clothes clean without needing detergent.